Democrats say Trump's infrastructure plan is 'just a private money-making operation'


President Donald Trump is using the Ohio River as the backdrop for a speech about upgrading roads, bridges and waterways, but before talking about overhauling aging infrastructure, he urged the Senate to follow the House and vote on a bill to overhaul the health care system.

The president addressed the press upon landing in Cincinnati alongside two families who claim their health care has suffered as a result of the passage of the Affordable Care Act. The Democrats are destroying health care in this country, ' Trump said Wednesday in tarmac remarks.

In Cincinnati, Trump met and spoke with two people he called "Obamacare victims".

Of Trump and even his closest lieutenants, Stone said "they don't speak with one voice".

The day before, Anthem, the nation's second largest health insurer, announced it is pulling out of Ohio's insurance marketplace.

"We spent a lot of time yesterday with Mitch McConnell and a lot of the great senators that happen to be Republicans, because we're having no help, it's only obstruction from the Democrats", Trump said. "Presidential leadership we've been lacking, and now we've got it".

"They were anxious they'd fall down, and you've seen that happen, and I heard the pleas from voters who wanted to know why we could rebuild foreign countries ... but we can't build a road, a highway, a tunnel, a bridge in our own nation, and we watch everything falling into disrepair", Trump said.

"We're working very hard to fix this big problem", he said. "The Democrats are really in our way". A House plan was approved on May 4, and the Senate is trying to pass a version this summer.

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Trump's plan is "way too much about helping his golfing buddies", Polis said.

While Trump continues to portray the infrastructure initiative as a $1 trillion program, it represents a major re-ordering of the relationship between the federal government and states, cities and other local partners.

'The last statewide insurer in the great state of OH is leaving, ' Trump said.

Share with Us - We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article, and smart, constructive criticism. The result in OH, he said, "was supposed to be close but it wasn't close".

"We are here today to talk about rebuilding our nation's infrastructure - and we will do it using American labor, American energy and American iron, aluminum and steel", said Trump. "Isn't it about time?"

Trump says an $8.7 billion maintenance backlog for waterways is only getting worse.

The cumulative effect of Trump's daily stomping on his own aide's plans and statements means a week that White House officials intended as the start of the president fulfilling his campaign pledge to rebuild the country's roads, ports, bridges and airports will be remembered for anything but. His plan also calls for privatizing the United States' air traffic control network.

"We will construct incredible new monuments to American grit that inspire wonder for generations and generations", he said.