Kellyanne Conway allegedly overheard mocking White House staffers


'She had a good/cruel riff mocking @Reince45 in WH staff meetings.

"She held court for an hour or so as folks cycled in/out of her circle", one of tweets begins. This expression was telling'.

See the photos and the Twitter account's allegations below.

The accounts final tweet read: 'I should mention that @KellyannePolls was probably talking OTR to (Robert Costa), @danbalz and @PhilipRucker - but loudly, at a DC party'.

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Politico confirmed the off-the-record conversations referred to in the tweets with two other sources. Politico quoted Spicer as saying Conway wouldn't make such comments about Marc Short, as she is "very close" to him, and that President Trump's counselor wasn't actually mocking Rence Priebus, but rather making fun of reporters for publishing White House "intrigue stories" and "how wrong (the stories) have been". It seems some people may have grown exhausted of her way of operating as several people told Politico she was overheard making fun of her colleagues at a party at the British Embassy in Washington on Thursday.

Trump's White House has routinely raged against leakers, with the president himself calling for investigations into how information was getting out.

Conway allegedly also took a swipe at the White House legislative director: "Honestly, what the f-k does Marc Short do all day?" she apparently said.

Frustrated by the dysfunction and factionalism in his administration, the president reportedly told Priebus - who, like Press Secretary Sean Spicer, came to the White House from the Republican National Committee (RNC) - that it is his responsibility to engineer a massive staff shakeup or face termination himself.