Katy Perry Reveals Past Suicidal Thoughts in Emotional Live Streamed Therapy Session


The singer, who is promoting the release of her new album Witness, has been hosting a string of celebrity guests in her televised "home" as part of a freaky Big Brother-style four-day YouTube live stream. "I sent (Kristen) a text message saying, "I know you've seen all this stuff, but you know I would never disrespect you".

Katy went on to speak about how she became her Katy Perry persona.

However, despite favoring Diplo over the other guys, the star said, "they're all awesome lovers", and she doesn't regret hooking up with any of them.

Katy finished her admission with this statement: "They're all incredible lovers and I would have sex with all of them when I get out of this place!"

"I'm a bit more nerdy than everybody thinks I am. The fantasy of Katheryn went into Katy and made this bigger than life personality".

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Katy Perry is sharing everything with her fans.

Cameras began recording the singer on Thursday as part of the 72-hour, Big Brother- style marketing stunt at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old singer and the 39-year-old musician had a long-running on/off relationship which ended for good in 2015, but Katy rates him above her exes, Diplo and Orlando Bloom, in bed.

Katy Perry is opening up about the suicidal thoughts she endured following her divorce from Russell Brand. You can be right or you can be loved. Entitled Witness World Wide, this livestream has been seen by millions of fans on Katy Perry's YouTube channel. Katy's admitted there's been tension between her and Taylor ever since she allegedly tried to steal her backup dancers. "An engaging character on which the host came back and asked her if Katherine Hudson (her real name) was cooler than star Katy Perry".

Katy repeatedly yelled "No!" to the question, before saying, "They're all incredible lovers and I want to have sex with all of them when I get out of this place".