Crackdown 3 release date confirmed


Furthermore, the company announced that Crackdown 3 will also release on November 7 and will serve as a launch title for the new hardware this holiday.

We should probably be seeing a lot more Crackdown 3 this week, and we'll be sharing some hands-on gameplay stuff when we see it.

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Let's face it: if you want someone to shout and be slightly insane, it's probably Terry Crews, and he does sterling work of exactly that form here. In fact, the anticipated sequel will release alongside Microsoft's new high-end native 4K Xbox One X console on November 7, 2017. Destruction is cool, and thinking of the core Crackdown experience and how it might enhance the offering is certainly something I can appreciate. Below, you'll find all of the trailers shared as part of the event.

Fans of the upcoming Windows PC and Xbox One game then get to see that bombastic action for themselves. Mr. Crews has also been confirmed to play the character Commander Jaxon in the game. It's launches the same day as the Xbox One X.