Kuwait says Qatar is 'willing' to hold dialogue


Qatar's neighbors have also criticized Qatar for allegedly supporting groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Nationals of countries that cut diplomatic ties with Qatar this week are free to remain in the Gulf state in line with existing regulations, according to a statement carried by Qatar state news agency QNA on Saturday.

It said Qatar was acting in "accordance with its firm beliefs and principles".

The three Gulf states severed transit links and gave Qatari visitors and residents two weeks to leave their countries.

Energy giant Qatar Petroleum said in a statement on Saturday that it was "business as usual" despite a spiralling diplomatic crisis involving Doha and its Gulf neighbours.

Some Gulf citizens have anxious that the strong rhetoric on Qatar's foreign policy would divide their peoples.

The statement underscored the UAE's commitment to the well being of the brotherly Qatari people as a natural extension of the brotherly UAE people.

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Qatar vehemently denies the claims, and says it is the victim of an orchestrated campaign to force Doha to change its foreign policy.

Saudi Arabia has sealed Qatar's only land border, through which it had imported most of its food.

In recent days, Turkey has stepped in to supply supermarkets there with eggs and milk after anxious residents cleaned out shelves in the early days of the crisis.

Turkey has maintained good relations with Qatar as well as several of its Gulf Arab neighbors.

Kuwait's ruler has been trying to mediate an end to the conflict while US President Donald Trump offered strong criticism of Qatar as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for "no further escalation" in the crisis.

Reuters reported that Tillerson requested the call with Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu after his pleas on Friday to end a blockade that he says is causing unintended humanitarian consequences and affecting the US led mission against the Islamic State.

Erdogan, referring to Tillerson's remarks on the blockade, said in a speech on Friday that "I say it should be lifted completely".