John McCain's line of questioning baffled almost everyone, including James Comey


John McCain suggests he was exhausted when he questioned fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, a performance that lit up Twitter with unsparing criticism.

John McCain says he has a perfectly good excuse for that freakish line of questioning during the Comey hearing Thursday. he watched too much baseball the night before. The 80-year-old Arizona Republican joked that he stayed up late watching an Arizona Diamondbacks game. That was the question I was trying to get at. Was he arguing that Comey should publicly exonerate Trump before the Russian Federation investigation is finished?

But given how McCain's questions took over the internet, the Diamondbacks chose the flawless time to break out the John McCain GIF. "Tell me the difference between your conclusion as far as former Secretary Clinton is concerned and Mr. Trump". "We conducted a criminal investigation in connection to her use of a personal email server, and that's the investigation I announced the conclusion of on July 5".

McCain was the last senator to question Comey during the almost three-hour hearing and his line of inquiry left many observers scratching their heads.

"You're gonna have to help me out here", McCain said. "Well, I think there's a double standard there, to tell you the truth". Moreover, since Comey is no longer the Director of the FBI, and the Russian Federation investigation has been taken over by the Special Counsel, he would have no way of knowing what conclusions that investigation might reach. "I don't quite understand how you can be done with that but not done with the whole investigation of their attempt to affect the outcome of our election", McCain said. In Clinton's case, Comey concluded that her sloppy email practices as secretary of state did not justify prosecution because there was little evidence that she intentionally mishandled classified information. It was a weird argument from McCain, who appeared annoyed with Comey.

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McCain seems to think that position is a cop-out: If Comey was prepared to conclude that Clinton did not intend to break the law, why can't he cut Trump the same slack?

Poor McCain. Maybe it's time to go back to Arizona.

John McCain has released a statement after his line of questioning was called into question during the James Comey Senate Intelligence Committee today.

He said he plans to submit his question in writing to Comey "for the record".

It's hard to say, but McCain seemed to be trying to blunt the effect of Comey's testimony about President Trump.