Apple adds Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV, "Toy Story" to Watch


However, this new announcement points towards a new deal between the two.

Considering Apple and Amazon have competed with each other in the past, this is exciting news and mends the previous issues between companies.

Amazon Prime Video will now become your latest TV show obsession in addition to Netflix, thanks to the hansome libarary of video content the e-commerce giant has been producing over the past few years. Specific release timing beyond "later this year" wasn't confirmed.

Despite confirming the upcoming release, however, the manufacturer has revealed the wait isn't over just yet.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced today at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference that the Amazon Prime Video app will finally be accessible via Apple TV later this year. The internet video player with most market share, Roku, not only offers Prime Video but has a smaller price tag than Apple TV.

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Whenever it drops, the move will end a longstanding feud between the two tech giants.

Back in 2015 Amazon stopped selling Apple TV units though its online store, including through third-party listings, in a bid to boost sales of its own Fire TV devices.

It's now unclear at what point this year the service will be made Apple TV compatible. Both Apple and Amazon sold similar products for streaming, so this collaboration simply makes sense and is expected to reduce various caveats.

Amazon Prime Video is coming to Apple TV soon, filling a gaping hole in the Apple TV app lineup. Today's announcement means the Apple TV should return to Amazon's marketplace in the near future.