IPhones will block texting while driving with new feature


Once driving is detected, notifications are silenced to ensure the screen remains dark.

Apple's iOS 11 is giving up more of its secrets, with developers discovering plans for a new "Core NFC" feature that was not revealed during the company's WWDC keynote earlier this week.

Apple vice president of product management Greg Joswiak said: "Together with iOS 11 these new iPad Pro models will radically change what users can do with iPad". Here's our hands on and walkthrough video of iOS 11.

iOS 11 brings better compression to your camera, meaning that you will get the same image quality, but it will only take up half the amount of space on your smartphone.

Of the new features, the Do Not Disturb while driving features has been designed "to help users stay more focused on the road".

Is there anything more exciting for Apple addicts than WWDC.

Another cool feature called Automatic Setup allows users to hold a new "iPhone or iPad near an iOS device or Mac you already own, and many of your personal settings, preferences, and iCloud Keychain passwords are quickly and securely imported". At the moment it's available only to developers, but Apple will offer a public beta version late in June, and the system will be officially released at the launch of the new iPhones in the third quarter of 2017.

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Especially on iPad, the introduction of the Files app suggests that Apple is finally getting serious about turning iPad into something closer to a computer.

Apple's inclusion of a driving mode for the iPhone comes after a class action was launched in the United States claiming the company had sat on rolling out a version of the software for several years.

Apple's iOS 11 includes a completely redesigned Control Center with 3D Touch support.

There is another option called Offload App, which lets you decide the particular app you want to get rid of.

HomeKit will add speakers, and Music will feature a Friends section to see what your contacts are up to.

Siri is no longer just a programmable voice assistant you give commands and do stuffs for you.