IPhone users, get ready for Do Not Disturb - while driving


Unfortunately, Apple didn't make those kind of updates to its iPhone app in iOS 11.

The Apple iOS 11 will not be available on the iPhone 5S and earlier versions of the handset.

In iOS 10 and previous versions, users had to delete the app and reinstall it without the relevant data and documents to free up some storage space. And according to reports, it was full of stories regarding Apple's plan on macOS, its future hardware devices and especially iOS 11.

There are lots of new features in iOS 11 that will make the operating system more usable on iPhones and iPads.

Taking it one step further, the new feature will also lock the iPhone screen, keeping drivers from using apps, too, CNN reported. This means any of the company's mobile devices that feature an A7 or newer chip.

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App Store is redesigned: Apple has also totally redesigned the App Store.

Among the improvements include the ability for users to watch livestreamed Let's Play game videos directly from a title's App Store listing page, along with assorted other video content supplied by editors, developers and creators. Kontaxis' announcement was met with applause, and developers who've installed the iOS 11 beta are praising the change on Twitter. The feature will disable calls, alerts and notifications by default, and will be automatically enabled once the phone detects the user is driving. Which features would you have liked to see? When you re-install app in iOS 11, you will get back all data and documents.

He said that iOS 10 had almost 96 per cent satisfaction with 86 per cent iPhone users installing the update as compared to only seven per cent Android users who installed Android Nougat - the latest version of Google's operating system.

Just like Spotify, Apple Music users can now see their friends' playlist and vice versa, friends can also see the song list of the user.