Apple announces new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, refreshes 12.9-inch model


And Apple will have a new "do not disturb" mode for driving.

"The last 10 years since the introduction of the first iPhone were focused on the mobile revolution, but the mobile innovation has now hit its plateau", he says. "We listened. Amazon Prime Video is coming to the TV App and all Apple TVs this year", reads a post on the streaming network's Twitter page.

As well as its obvious qualities as a smart speaker (Siri can tell you who a certain musician is in the song you're listening to), the device can be used to control other HomeKit devices; check the weather forecast; and listen to news briefings.

Apple has given Siri new male and female voices, described as more natural and expressive, and added abilities such as translating English phrases into Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish. Most LCD displays today use the sRGB gamut, but wide colour gamut screens (DCI-P3 or Rec.2020) are becoming more common. With the new Core NFC framework, however, Apple could let third-party developers make use of NFC in novel ways, or it could simply expand NFC functions beyond Apple Pay for use in its own apps and services.

Apple also unveiled a new augmented reality developer kit that would help Apple app developers integrate this technology that overlays digital images on the physical world, made popular by Pokemon Go. With all the improvements and updates coming our way, it looks like Apple "cranked it up to 11" with the next iOS. This year, the company is up to iOS 11 and explained numerous new features during its developers keynote presentation Monday.

Geoff Blaber, VP Research, Americas, CCS Insight, said: "Facebook, Google and Microsoft have all laid out clear visions in 2017 for the role of machine learning and artificial intelligence".

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Not anymore. A few Reddit users testing the developer-only beta of iOS 11 discovered that the new customizable Control Center makes it easy to use a new tool called Screen Recorder. This is the start of a the AI wars.

For its part, Google has launched its Tango AR platform and the Google Lens app, while Microsoft (MSFT) is developing augmented reality glasses. "It will reinvent home audio", boasted Apple CEO Tim Cook.

CCS Insight's Blaber added: "It is little surprise that Apple has chose to launch a smart speaker".

Some industry insiders, however, note Apple will be under more pressure to improve the computing smarts of its Siri software in the face of offerings from rivals Google and Amazon.

It will retail for $349 when it ships in the United States, UK and Australia in December. "Standards within the smart city sphere are in the early stages but they will make everything more efficient for users in the long run". With a new Night Shift mode introduced with the update, the user will now have the capability to change their iPhone's display to a warmer tint.

The size of the HomePod is less than 7 inches, but it is packed with a seven-tweeter system at its bottom and at the top is a 4-inch woofer with auto bass EQ designed by is equipped six microphones to recognize voice even the music is playing at high volume.