WWDC 2017: Apple Announces ARKit API for Augmented Reality Apps


iOS 11 will automatically respond to messages, letting contacts know that their messages will be delivered at your next stop.

HomePod, at less than seven inches tall, is covered in a 3D mesh fabric that hides a seven-array beamforming tweeter pack, a four-inch woofer and is controlled by the A8, the same chip used in the iPhone. For instance, tapping on the wireless options will show additional options including hotspot. The notification centre looks exactly like the lock screen when you swipe down.

Just how big? The entire App Store is getting a complete redesign. If they reply "urgent" to that message, that message will be marked as such and go through. While that feature is also available in the previous generation, it's another reason to chose the iPad Pro over the iPad. Users can send payments to their friends and family members with Messages. This money can be transferred to your personal bank account.

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Following in Google's footsteps, Siri will also be able to translate and speak phrases from six languages, with more coming later, Apple said. Siri will not only understand voices but will understand context. Scrolling through each feed, it's clear that less information will be visible on your screen at any one time - Apple is banking on that being a boon, rather than a drawback, however.

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Although it was first smartphone maker to come out with a digital assistant when Siri debuted in 2011, it hasn't had a stand-alone assistant. It now works in low light and supports OIS and the True Tone flash. You can trim and edit Live Photos on your iPhone, choosing a specific frame from the Live Photo as the main still.

Maps has some needed updates: The Maps app will now include detailed floor plans for malls and airports in major cities, as well as show you your speed limit and give you lane guidance.

Using Bluetooth and WiFi, will be able to track when you're moving in a auto and give you the option to turn on a "do not disturb" mode while driving. After enabling Do Not Disturb While Driving, the mode will activate automatically on every auto trip. The idea is to get outside software programmers geared up to write apps for Apple products. 70 billion dollars paid to developers till today. Majority of apps are now reviewed under 24 hours and this is partly automated and party a human process.

The new Files app finally brings basic file management to iOS. Categories, faces and favorites will be synchronized across devices.

To better highlight developer creations, the App Store is now split in two - Apps and Games.