Apple pushes Siri to the fore at annual developer conference


Siri has an "intelligence" feature which enables it to make suggestions that the user is going to find interesting. Apple Pay Cash Card is also being announced alongside iOS 11; this where funds that are "held" once a person receives a funds transfer. The move ties into Apple's goal of improving Siri's machine learning functionality and its ability to understand your preferences and dislikes, as virtual assistants like Siri have struggled to understand more contextual and detailed requests. Siri will also of course be baked into the speaker, letting users get quick help by saying, "Hey Siri".

We are hours away from WWDC 2017, Apple's annual developer conference and the leaks continue to roll on in.

Siri will be paying more attention to what you do on your iPhone.

Although the iPad Pro 10.5 is out in June, it will still come with iOS 10 to start with before iOS 11 eventually launches in the "fall". Siri is also getting smarter, understanding if someone says "Hey, you owe me $20!" in Messages and offering up an Apple Pay button.

The new control center in iOS 11. So swiping up on the home screen will see airplane mode, rotation lock, Apple Music player all in one page.

It works by using Bluetooth, GPS and wifi doppler measurements to detect when somebody is driving, and both blank the screen and hide incoming alerts, or just allow satnav features. 3D touching the music controller, for example, brings up the volume slider.

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Apple will reportedly update some Mac models, according to a report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, though the upgrades don't sound extraordinary.

Do Not Disturb is coming for drivers: You can now turn on do not disturb if you're driving. If you delete a message on one device, it will also be culled from all other linked devices. If the speculation pans out, the speaker would be Apples first new product since its smartwatch in 2015, Sunday, June 4, 2017.

For photos, Apple is turning to a "high efficiency" format to replace the widely used JPEG standard. Interestingly, it also mentions that it will require iOS 11+. With AirPlay 2, anyone on your Wi-Fi can join and add to party playlists without disrupting the jams. For more aesthetic-based changes, Apple has a new kaleidoscope face option and a suite of three characters - Woody, Jessie, and Buzz - from Toy Story. Apple's approach protects privacy, but might make the service less useful when switching devices. The music streaming service will now show what your friends have been listening to with the new iOS 11.

One among those appeared with the placeholder listing on the App Store that showcased a new app called Files.

The event started with Apple CEO welcoming the audience at the 15th WWDC in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley where Apple is building its new campus.

Apple also refreshed its MacBook and MacBook Pro line with faster Kaby Lake processors.