Kushner and the back story of back channels


"We're focused on the president's agenda, and going forward all questions on these matters will go toward outside counsel, Marc Kasowitz", Spicer said during an off-camera briefing.

But they're also a way around intelligence agencies, which raises questions about why White House adviser (and President Trump's son-in-law) Jared Kushner attempted to create a backchannel with Russian Federation before Trump transitioned into office. "I haven't seen that evidence yet, and there's a lot of speculation". What are the national security concerns around private communications with other countries?

Spicer gave no further clarity on Mr. Trump's confounding overnight "covfefe" tweet, which created an Internet sensation and caused people to speculate about why the president is tweeting - and what he is tweeting - in the middle of the night. In fact, majorities of all Americans thought Trump's main spokespeople - such as counselor Kellyanne Conway and Press Secretary Sean Spicer - did more harm than good. Rather than simply saying that it was a typo, Trump tweeted, "Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe"???".

Through the laughter, though, you can hear that they're also trying to ask questions about what the president meant by "covfefe", with each voice pronouncing the word differently.

Many on Twitter have supplied tongue-in-cheek meanings.

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Dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster checked in with an eye-rolling tweet about people looking up "covfefe" on its website.

As news broke Friday alleging Jared Kushner had discussed setting up a secret communication channel between President Donald Trump's campaign transition team and the Russian government, the public response to the anonymously-sourced story was mixed.

Spicer is again expected to take on the role of communications director in addition to his press secretary duties, following the resignation of Michael Dubke this week.

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