Tweet That: #covfefe signals @realDonaldTrump is back


If there's anything generating more buzz Wednesday than the NBA Finals, it's a string of letters tweeted out by President Trump in the overnight hours. "Despite the constant negative press covfefe". Later when Trump criticised her for blaming others for her defeat in elections, she replied using the word mockingly:"People in covfefe houses shouldn't throw covfefe".

The Twitter post, sent shortly before midnight local time, reads "Despite the negative press covfefe", in an apparent reference to the press coverage that Trump has often derided as "fake news".

Merriam-Webster, which is starting to become my favorite Twitter account, even got in on the president-bashing, tweeting: "Wakes up".

Conservative commentator and radio show host Laura Ingraham tweeted in response to Trump's guess-the-meaning post that, "It's so bad-the collusion b/t (between) the Dems & the press, the establ (ishment) vs the ppl (people), that we needed a new word to describe it all".

Not for the first time, a Trump tweet has lit up the internet.

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Our president is on late-night Twitter, and the idea of that is frightening, but this is where we are, 'Merica, and I hope the 53 percent of white women who totally bailed on Hillary Clinton are happy with the drunk in office.

Earlier this month, a report came out in the Wall Street Journal that a sit-down intervention was staged to express concern that the president could tweet, or has tweeted, something that could be legally used against him in the future.

Some thought "covfefe" was Trump's secret means of releasing nuclear codes to Vladimir Putin.

"Elnathan John, who describes himself as a satirist and author, gave the word poetic meaning: "#Covfefe: What a wonder phrase. covfefe ain't no passing means no worries for the rest of your days". "You don't have a high enough classification to know what covfefe means".

Words With Friends defined "covfefe" as "the amount and quality of reporting when autocorrect fails you at 3am".