Google wants to help you become an expert in fine art


Google has allowed you to use Street View to virtually walk around museums and galleries for some time, but the extra data is now available on your virtual stroll too.

So for example, if you are wandering inside a museum on the Street View web or mobile app, you will now see annotations besides each painting, giving you basic information about them.

The new feature - mildly reminiscent of the travel guide tab that comes up when you search a city or country - is the result of a collaboration between Google's Arts and Culture team and its search engineers. High-resolution images are also included so you can appreciate the art more.

Google Maps has always been quite accurate and reliable, whereas Apple Maps sometimes sent people into the middle of airport landing strips due to faulty Global Positioning System tracking. There are more than 500 million art-related searches on Google every month. Google Arts and Culture is also amazingly spectacular.

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Google Search is an amazingly spectacular thing. This only works in the hundreds of museums that have been captured by Street View. Not only can you now get far more relevant contextual information about artists and their works, but taking virtual tours of galleries just got a lot more informative too.

Machine learning - similar to Google Photo's - is leveraged, with the visual recognition software scanning the walls of participating museums.

To start with Search has been improved using Google Search smarts to introduce a new, interactive Knowledge Panel which will display collections of an artists work, or even information about which museums contain art from that artist, and even show high-resolution imagery of their art. All in all, this new Google Maps update is a good one, and we're glad to see it being implemented. Over 15,000 masterpieces have been tagged and scanned for you to explore and study.