Donald Trump's speech to Israeli parliament scrapped amid concerns


"Olmert essentially agreed to forgo sovereignty of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Judaism's holiest site, and proposed that in the framework of a peace agreement, the area containing the religious sites in Jerusalem would be managed by a special committee consisting of representatives from five nations: Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, the United States and Israel". But we don't live in that utopia, and despite the symbolic importance, such a move would nearly certainly result in an outbreak of Arab violence, and symbolism is not worth the loss of life.

The Jerusalem Post reported on Monday that either Mr Trump or vice-president Mike Pence are due to participate, in what could be interpreted as the first tacit recognition by the White House of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

The smaller moments of the president's trip were endlessly dissected as well, from first lady Melania Trump's apparent reluctance to hold her husband's hand on occasion to his shoving aside of Montenegro's prime minister to get to the front of a pack of leaders at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation photo opportunity. In this great "battle between Good and Evil", Trump's list of "criminal barbarians" includes the Hezbollah and Hamas on the one hand and Isis and Al Qaeda on the other hand. It's still up for debate.

President Donald Trump placed a note in the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Monday, becoming the first sitting us president to visit one of Judaism's holiest sites. "It's part of the West Bank".

"There is no way this visit will jumpstart the peace process and in no way will lead to normalization between Israel and the Arab world", Ronen said.

There is every outward indication that the Trump-Bibi chemistry is infinitely better than the Obama-Bibi vibes, even though the president may soon be pressing the prime minister for compromises on the Palestinian front. Trump is meeting Mahmoud Abbas to "urge the Palestinian leaders to make constructive steps towards peace". But last week the president renewed the relief of sanctions against Iran in exchange for a promise to diminish its nuclear activities in accordance with the agreement.

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What about the building of settlements in the West Bank, which Trump said previous year should "keep going"?

Nevertheless, Lieberman said, "We are following developments and are aware and have ways of dealing with this". Since 1967, the global community - including the USA - has refused to officially recognize eastern Jerusalem and its Jewish holy sites as part of Israel.

Finally, there is the assumption of Trump's commitment to the security of the Jewish state.

Trump initially expressed openness to alternatives to a two-state solution in February, during a meeting with Netanyahu at the White House. In a briefing with reporters Saturday, White House officials shifted uncomfortably and refused to comment when asked about reports that Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, tried to set up secret communications with Russian Federation after the election.

The information is believed to have compromised this Israeli spy operation, and endangered the individuals on the ground. In recent years, such offers were extended to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 2000 at Camp David, 2001 at Taba and 2008 after the Annapolis Conference. Given a choice between someone who works toward getting there without explicitly admitting that he is doing so versus someone who endorses it in a speech with a host of qualifiers and then spends the next decade making excuses for why it can not happen, I choose the former.

But much of the intrigue over Trump's public statements during the trip revolved around what he didn't say.