Donald Trump's first foreign tour: his most awkward moments


Sara and I are absolutely delighted to welcome you and Melania to the prime minister's residence in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people, the united capital of the Jewish state.

"As you have witnessed during your historic visit of holy sites in occupied East Jerusalem, and today in Bethlehem, the conflict is not between religions, for respecting religions and prophets is an integral part of our religion and faith". The photo of his solemn visit to the Western Wall was splashed across the front pages of Israel's newspapers.

The President said that only when remembering the families "torn apart from everyone they loved, who suffered that awful darkness and evil, who endured the unbearable horror of the Holocaust, only then can we prevent this agony from ever repeating".

(AP Photo/Salvatore Cavalli). From left, President of the European Council Donald Tusk gesticulates as he talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French newly elected President Emmanuel Macron, partially hidden, British PM Theresa May, and US Presi. We could talk about economics.

Meanwhile, Obama never made one trip to Israel during his two-term presidency. I know you've heard it before.

Here's a list of the most tweetable faux pas from Trump's Israel visit.

However, days of a meet-and-greet trip can not resolve decades-long conflicts between Israel and the Arab world, nor deter Iran by trying to form a coalition that is more likely in theory.

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu at the Israel Museum.

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The list of what America would do for others continued, and included Obama's vow to award "promising Muslim students with internships in America; invest in online learning for teachers and children around the world; and create a new online network, so a young person in Kansas can communicate instantly with a young person in Cairo". Trump, his wife and his daughter came ready with their notes when they visited on Monday. He's also backed away from his campaign pledge to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, bending to the same security risks as other presidents who have made that promise.

This is a land filled with beauty, wonder and the spirit of G-d. "I was in favor of moving the embassy to Jerusalem". It will leave an impression on me forever.

Considered one of the holiest sites in Judaism, the Western Wall is in Jerusalem's Old City, however the USA does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

One of these signals was raising the idea of the U.S. embassy relocation from Tel Aviv to Al-Quds (Jerusalem), though it is on hold now.

Inshallah, we will build on this wonderful momentum and foster unity and effectiveness with our longstanding Arab friends. We are great allies. "Sounds less like two world leaders, more like a bad Tinder date".

These leaders voiced concerns we all share about ISIS, about Iran's rising ambitions and rolling back its gains, and about the menace of extremism that has spread through too many parts of the Muslim world.

America welcomes the action and support of any nation willing to do the hard but vital work in eradicating the violent ideologies that have caused so much needless bloodshed and killing here and all over the world. "And together we will overcome this threat".

Efforts by successive US presidents to broker a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians have failed. He's working very hard at it. But true to form, on Friday Trump also showed that he might be willing to deal. "They can't both be right", he said.