Dwayne Johnson unfazed by Baywatch's bad reviews


Producer Beau Flynn also gave some clues about what will be in the sequel, noting that it's already in the early production stages. Matt has an attitude problem, and he drinks too much.

"We have an incredible story already", says Flynn. "We would take it overseas".

Dwayne Johnson is Mitch, the chief lifeguard of Emerald Bay in Florida.

Overall: Because Baywatch doesn't trust itself, there's nothing fresh enough here to please modern viewers and no reason to justify rebooting an original property that was always best cherished in the form of posters hung on the walls of pubescent boys in the days before internet porn.

The movie's star, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, however, is on a one man social media mission to convince the world that "Baywatch" isn't as bad as everyone's saying it is.

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Zac Efron kissed The Rock ... and he liked it! And if you're just there for the boobs, pecs, abs and like the idea of Zac Efron fondling a dead guy's penis, then I guess it's mission accomplished.

A surprising move from the usually overtly positive and diplomatic star, yet Johnson has recently taken to Twitter to call out the overwhelmingly negative reviews for his latest film, Baywatch. Kelly Rohrback is CJ Parker, and Jon Bass provides most of the comic relief as Ronnie Greenbaum.

Yes, like the original series, the "Baywatch" movie is full of cakes beef - and cheese - with a high jiggle factor and lovely people having a great time in a sun-drenched beach environment. Don't think for a minute that, just because the 1990s television series could be watched by families, that this is a show for you and the kids. I believe there was only one scene in the entire movie where I even cracked a smile, let alone laughed. If I thought I could get pulled from the waves by any of these folks, I'd shout help at the top of my lungs and flail like a lunatic.

However, the she does not see Baywatch as her first Hollywood film as she believes she has already done a of lot work in her 14-year-long career.

"Extra's" Jerry Penacoli sat down with Zac Efron and his attractive co-star Alexandra Daddario as they promoted their new movie "Baywatch". One problem is that BAYWATCH doesn't offer a vision of its source material that will appeal to either those who hold the show dear or younger moviegoers who may not realize this is an adaptation in the first place.