Tejas Express: Headphones stolen, screens damaged. Luxury travel, anyone?


Mumbai: India's first high speed and luxurious train, Tejas Express which was supposed to be equipped with WiFi facility throughout the journey, does not have Wifi to offer to its commuters.

Seeing the train condition this way, railway officials said they were expected minor mess but to this level, the damage is done, that is shocking for us. But when it returned to Mumbai at its maiden run, railway officials found that the public had stolen headphones, damaged the infotainment screens.

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Only two days ago news emerged that Tejas Express, all set to be the country's first high-speed and world-class train, was vandalised while on its way from the Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala to Mumbai.

Mumbai: Railway officials have said that around 400kg of waste accumulates after a single long-distance train journey. It also has several unique features, such as 9-inch infotainment screens for every seat, tea and coffee vending machines, vacuum bio-toilets, automatic doors and hands-free water taps. Few LED screens had scratch marks on them. The railway staff reported that several headphones were missing, leaving passengers for the following ride complaining that they never received any headphones. He added that it takes at least a crew of 10 people to clean out a long-distance train, which has around 20 coaches. "Post Panvel, there is almost nil internet access in the train", said Yashwant Band, a 55-years-old goverment officer who travelled in c-1 coach of the Tejas Express on Wednsday from Karmali to Mumbai. Attendants were ignorant. The food was not as good as during the inaugural run", he said "The toilet was soiled and was stinking as the people didn't even bother to flush properly after they used it. Train's Executive Chair vehicle seats have an adjustable headrest, comfortable arm supports, and is even offering airline-like leg support.