YouTube on TV is uber-popular, 360-degree video support coming soon


Chrome on Daydream will not only allow users to browse regular websites, but also access Web-based virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Google is also working with Qualcomm on a reference design for the standalone headsets, which may see it join partners in releasing a commercial device.

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In the new version of Daydream, called Euphrates, you can broadcast what you see in virtual reality to a regular TV over a Chromecast. The popularity of services like Twitch, which live streams other people playing video games, has shown there's a demand for this type of sharing. This in itself would be another element to potentially raise the adoption rate of VR as more people might be inclined to try it if they could enjoy it with others at the same time. After months of testing, the app is getting an important update that makes YouTube VR a more enjoyable experience. Since comments won't be the form of communication for such an experience, each person's avatar will appear to be speaking whenever any of the users engage each other with the voice chat functionality.

Live 360-degree videos will be coming to the YouTube TV app, too, which should start rolling out over the summer - just in time to check out 360-degree concerts from summer festivals all from the comfort of your living room. Google does plan to include safety features such as the ability to leave a group or block someone at anytime. Google has announced that Google Home will be introducing a lot of new features very soon.