US Federal Communications Commission Votes 2-1 for Net Neutrality Rollback


IN 2015, many consumers thought the issue was resolved when the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) voted on net neutrality.

Pai says the industry should be allowed to police itself, and that regulation keeps ISPs from expanding and upgrading, which in turn curbs job growth and hurts customers.

eBay said Internet Service Providers could steer traffic to preferred websites if the federal government reverses its policies around net neutrality. By Friday morning, the docket showed 2,174,196 comments, though some unknown number of those were duplicates (a thousand or so, for example, were the identical pro-Title II comment from a "Yoni Schwartz", who made it into the "top 10 filing names"). The rules also apply to data services for mobile devices.

Finally, the approved measure proposes the agency to eliminate the net neutrality rules - the rules that ban the blocking and slowing of websites, as well as forbid Internet provides from charging websites additional fees.

Members of the public have until August 16 to comment to the FCC on what they want in terms of net neutrality, i.e. should it go or should it stay. Using this self-created authority, the FCC then imposed net neutrality restrictions on broadband providers.

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Mike Needham, chief executive officer of Heritage Action for America, the lobbying affiliate of The Heritage Foundation, said in a statement that this deregulation move is welcome.

"Bryon Henry, and intellectual property attorney told us his take on net neutrality".

As always, the eBay Government Relations team will continue to monitor this situation and engage with legislators and regulators as appropriate to help ensure that small Internet-enabled businesses and their customers are not harmed by the removal of these important protections.

The arguments are likely to get bitter, and the public comment period could drag on well into Fall.