Three girls praised as hard-hitting and eye-opening drama by viewers


Three Girls concludes tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

"Penny Sutherland was among those calling for the programme to be shown to young people, tweeting: "#threegirls this needs to be incorporated into the school curriculum to stop it happening to more young girls".

"So all my life, 39 years, I get in the shower thinking, oh wow, heaven - and I thought, oh wow, there's nothing to lift up!" "What there is, is a child who is abused".

At least 47 girls were raped and passed around the group after being plied with alcohol in the highly-publicised case. That is why it is such a powerful piece of television. It is very clear from this dramatization where the ownership should lie.

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BBC1's premiere of its new three-part drama Three Girls rattled viewers to the core as it brought the Rochdale child sex abuse ring story from 2015 to life.

Linda Robson commented on how firm they were, while Nadia Sawalha admitted she was impressed by how much she had achieved by diet and fitness alone. We recoil in horror as we watch the girls being abused by their perpetrators and then being let down so badly by nearly all parts of the system responsible for their protection. "Thanks to Sara Rowbotham who never gave up #three girls". It is vitally important that we stand up for what is right. "The BBC took a chance - it could have gone one or two ways".

"I believe senior police officers should be held accountable for failing to act", she said. But she was courageous enough to speak out for girls who did not have a voice. "She was let down by the whole system, and we were part of that system".

"Abbie Andrews wrote: "#ThreeGirls most uncomfortable, pit of stomach sickening TV I've watched in a long time. Sometimes as professionals we were treated in a similar way to the girls we represented i.e. with open hostility.