Telegram Secure Messaging App Gets Video Support, Bot Payments, Instant View


By launching a few new exciting features, including short video messages, and bot payment; the chat app now offers more reasons to look towards its direction. In the new update, Telegram users can make digital payments using the service. When channel owners publish video messages to their followers, it is also given a public URL for non-Telegram users to access and watch the content; the URL can be found on the channel's Telescope page. To send a video message, tap the microphone icon in the chat box.

So if you are a channel admin, you can post video messages to your channel subscribers as well. Alternatively, users are able to start recording a video message by swiping the camera icon and the same functionality now also works for recording voice messages with the mic shortcut. Telegram claims that sending these videos are quick because the app actually compresses the clip even as it is being recorded. Just like with voice messages, this behavior can be switched off in the Settings menu of Telegram. - Bot payments support Apple Pay. 3. Basically, when you decide to post a video message to a public channel within Telegram, it will also be uploaded to the Telescope hosting platform.

Finally, a more user-focused addition is video messages. Previously, it used a limited layout option for links, but now Telegram has outed its Instant View Platform to enable unique designs. They can share your message via popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Soon you'll be able to order pizza, shop for clothes, or maybe pay your utility bills using Telegram bots.

The Telegram 4.0 update should be live for everyone through the Play Store, so guys go and check on your device. When you tap Pay, you'll be asked to fill in your credit card and shipping information and confirm the payment. Even those who are non-Telegram account holders can view these video messages. Bot Payments. - Bots can now accept payments from users.

Call it your own customized news feed within a messaging app, Instant View allows users to read articles or blog from any publication in a neat layout. Beyond merely showing the text of an article, Instant View pages support images, videos, and any other media. "The bot uses these instructions to create a slim and lovely Instant View representation of the source page", explains the team.