'Never thought she was a great candidate': Joe Biden blasts Clinton


In addition, Biden told the audience that he never thought Hillary Clinton "was a great candidate", which also received claps from the audience.

Biden still said Clinton would have made a very good president.

Biden was expected to run for the Democratic presidential nomination, but in October 2015 said he would not run following the death of his son Beau that May.

The former vice president outlined a bucket list of accomplishments he'd need to achieve in order to feel comfortable running for president while speaking at a SALT conference in Las Vegas. "Would I? Probably not", according to CNN.

Former Vice President Joe Biden took a swipe at Hillary Clinton on Thursday, saying upon further reflection she wasn't a "great candidate" for president.

The 74-year-old veteran politician also appeared to rule out a run for the presidency in 2020.

In the meantime, Biden said that he needs to fulfill several financial promises he has made to his wife, Jill, like paying off their mortgage.

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But what was more shocking was Biden's thoughts on the Hillary Clinton as a candidate in the 2016 election.

Let it be known that Joe Biden doesn't plan on letting President Trump get away with all the juicy soundbites this year.

By the time the next election cycle rolls around, Biden will be 78.

Many political pundits have speculated that Biden's blue-collar-Irish-Catholic roots in Scranton, Penn. might have been viewed more favorably by white working-class voters than that of Clinton's perception as a New York-Washington, D.C. insider.

Accepting Obama's offer to become Vice President wasn't easy and Biden even initially turned the job down.

The former vice president outlined the goals of his non-profit cancer initiative at the Fortune Brainstorm Health conference Tuesday night in San...