NBA Draft: Could the Kings snag Lonzo Ball away from the Lakers?


Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is guilty for this one, trading away several assets four years ago to acquire Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce among a massive deal with Boston.

The Los Angeles Lakers recently earned the No. 2 pick for the third consecutive year, as with the stakes at an all-time high their ping-pong balls came up second behind the Boston Celtics in the NBA Draft Lottery Tuesday night. "It felt like winning Game Seven last night". And on Wednesday night, the C's will host the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of the East finals.

After the lottery ended, Pierce wrote on twitter: "And look what I leave behind for the Celts on my way out #1 pick". "I'm going to keep talking about it until it happens".

The Boston Celtics have won the National Basketball Association draft lottery, capitalizing on a trade they made with the Brooklyn Nets four years ago.

There is risk that one of the picks doesn't pan out or another team builds a better core than Boston. But there is a small, small chance Miami could end up with a top-three pick.

The Celtics obtained the pick from the Nets in 2013 and had a 25 percent of getting the top pick.

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The timing was ideal for the Celtics, as Brooklyn finished with the worst record in the league.

For the Philadelphia 76ers, it should not even be a question: the time is now.

And it was Hinkie who drafted Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor, and also traded Elfrid Payton for Dario Saric, while putting the Sixers in position to draft Ben Simmons last summer. One spot surely won't make a difference, especially for the targets they reportedly want. "I feel every comfortable with where we are, and I think we'll get a very good player at No. 4". Hinkie knew it would not be easy for the team's diehard fans to endure such a painful rebuild, but he famously implored them to "trust the process". "It's a good time to be a Celtics fan. This team is a lot of fun to be around this year". The players under the strongest consideration at No. 2 right now are Markelle Fultz, Ball, De'Aaron Fox, Josh Jackson and Jayson Tatum.

The Los Angeles Lakers have had an anxious couple of months leading into the 2017 NBA Draft. They would have had to trade it to Philadelphia if it fell outside the top three.

Originally, the pick was not theirs to give or take in the first place. "If you're going to trade these picks for an established star making max, you've got to send max money out the door as well", he said. "We won five in a row and everybody thought we were insane".