Kyle MacLachlan on returning to 'Twin Peaks' after decades


Part of that lies in accepting the endurance of the show's many mysteries. It purposefully undid every boring convention of TV storytelling at the time - linear plotting, neat conclusions, flat atmospherics. I just couldn't help but to think of how much more effective Laura Palmer's eerie cassette tape confessions were from beyond the grave. Aiming to redefine TV's whodunit game, Lynch and Frost kept the tone inconsistent and defiant, veering from murder mystery to soap spoof to supernatural drama and back around again. Twin Peaks is back and fans of the original show are brimming with excitement at the possibility of one of the most original and exciting TV stories ever is finally back on our screens. More than that, we are drawn to hope and goodness and the fight against evil. Maybe, but recall that he has been a constant presence in our culture for decades; he was a recognizable figure well before the phenomenon of Twin Peaks, his sensibility connecting with both the ironic, art-nerd ethos of the 1980s independent music and film scene and the sun-dappled "Morning in America" messaging of the Reagan era. Nobody who lived through the Twin Peaks craze of 1990 will forget that show's mesmerizing, fetishistic pull, which affected the way people dressed and talked, even what they ate and drank. The pair explored dream lives, with Freudian and Jungian overtones, and they exposed the dark sexuality and sadism underlying the myth of Americana. What he found out is that no one was quite who they appeared to be. At times, the show played like a mood poem, particularly with the haunting soundtrack from Angelo Badalamenti. The list of auteurs now working in TV includes Vince Gilligan, Matthew Weiner, Jane Campion, David Simon, Baz Luhrmann, Louis C.K., Steven Soderbergh, and the Duplass brothers, to name a few. THR has also been advised that viewers with distinct recollection of Twin Peaks will find their fandom rewarded; what's more, a closer examination of the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is recommended before embarking on the new series.

A replica of a Twin Peaks Sheriff's patrol vehicle is pictured outside former offices of the Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Company, now the DirtFish Rally School, in Snoqualmie, Washington, April 28, 2017.

He also loved the original pilot of the series, saying, "that, for me, set the tone, and made the world and the characters for me". Twin Peaks constantly calls into question whether BOB is real. It delivered a giant puzzle to be pieced together. Lynch said. Per the Times, Lynch "was not involved with the show after Laura's killer was revealed". They had an Internet sensibility, in a way, setting the stage for today's rampant online theorizing and PhD-like analysis of shows such as "Game of Thrones". Yes, it might have been interesting to see what Ridley Scott or especially Alejandro Jodorowsky would have done with the material- hell, they even made a documentary about the latter- but let's face it, even compromised Lynch is better than most lesser directors. I believe there has to be some structure and forethought in long-form storytelling, some order, no matter how slight, to the chaos.

"Who killed Laura Palmer?" was a question gone viral before the concept of viral existed, the "90s version of the "80s" "Who shot J.R". A novel released past year called The Secret History of Twin Peaks, for instance, hinted at a new character called Agent Tamara Preston, who's been assigned to investigate Agent Cooper's disappearance. It was too slippery to get a handle on.

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The devolution of the show undermined my trust in its creators, as they seemed to become cryptic for cryptic's sake, merely self-referential with no larger intention. They can reach upward to the skies, but they need to have at least one foot on common ground. Showtime studio boss David Nevins has confirmed MacLachlan will "be leading the show".

Ultimately, it's a temperament issue.

No, I went into it because I love the world of Twin Peaks. And, make no mistake, that line runs directly through "Twin Peaks".

But too many other viewers weren't so sure. Does anyone really think Frasier was better than Cheers? Really, if I'm looking exclusively for a formless reflection of life, I can just turn off the TV or close the book.