General election: Tory victory 'will not strengthen May's Brexit hand'


Polls give May's governing Conservative party a lead of around 20 percentage points, enough to potentially give her a parliamentary majority of more than 100 seats, but May said she was not complacent.

No doubt she will be pressed during the campaign to tell her supporters more clearly what they are voting for; but for the same reasons she chose to call an election, May will likely demur. I'm not taking anything for granted.

Tajani threatened to veto any Brexit deal if it did not guarantee the existing rights of EU citizens in Britain and added that this protection would forever be subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court Of Justice (ECJ).

Net migration has consistently been running at around three times the government's target, with the latest figures in February putting the level at 273,000.

Guy Verhofstadt, the Parliament's Brexit coordinator, dismissed Ms May's claim that an election was needed to enable her to secure a better deal with the European Union as "nonsensical".

May has previously stressed she had no plans to call an early vote, but said she became in favour of an election "recently and reluctantly", as a result of the start of Brexit negotiations. A choice of stability and a clear vision for Brexit provided by Theresa May and the Conservative Party, or the other choice, a Labour Party lead by Jeremy Corbyn with no clear vision on Brexit and a party that can not unite behind him.

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Theresa May now holds Remain-backing Lewes with a majority of 1,083 (2.1 per cent) and Twickenham with a majority of 2,017 (3.3 per cent).

The Prime Minister had just delivered a speech to a crowd of local party members and the media in Walmsley - a village in the Labour seat of Bolton North East.

Labour has struggled to define a clear message on Brexit, but says the election is about change and has promised to stand up to the "cosy elites" and improve public services.

Corbyn dismissed the view held by some commentators that a Conservative victory in the upcoming election was a foregone conclusion.

Assuming that the pro-independence Scottish National Party's support holds up in the general election, Scottish First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon will be in a much stronger position to renew her demand for an independence referendum - perhaps as early as next year.

For starters, she is reversing a position she has maintained since announcing her candidacy to succeed Cameron as Tory leader (and thus as prime minister). Despite this, she had repeatedly said in the past that she would not seek a new election before 2020.