Emma, Noah top list of baby names


You can check the top 100 names here. At least this year.

Boys: Noah, Liam, William, Mason, James, Benjamin, Jacob, Michael, Elijah and Ethan. For girls, it was Emma, Ava, Olivia, Harper and Isabella.

Noah was the most popular name for baby boys in Pennsylvania past year while Emma climbed to the top of most popular names for girls, according to the Social Security Administration.

In addition to being the top name for 2016, Emma was also the top pick for all of the last 16 years. On the boys' side, 25 had Liam and 22 had Noah in the top two.

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"At the time of a child's birth, when parents supply the name when they apply for the Social Security number, we track that information across the country and by state", Lo said.

Pennsylvania did stray from the norm in 2015, however, when Mason and Olivia were dubbed the top two names. The name Zayn made the boys' fastest riser list. This may be attributed to Kehlani Parrish, a singer/songwriter who was nominated for a Grammy in 2016.

The force was strong for Kylo in 2016 as he soared 2,368 spots for the boys, from number 3,269 in 2015 to number 901.