5 people hospitalized after eating gas station nacho cheese


Lavinia Kelly last month doused her Doritos with cheese in the deli area of Valley Oak Food and Fuel in Walnut Grove - she's now one of at least five others who have contracted botulism from the convenience store condiment, ABC 7reported.

The botulism was reported to have come from nacho cheese sauce sold at the Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station in Walnut Grove.

Officials believe the nacho cheese sauce sold at the station was the cause of her sickness.

Investigations are ongoing as to what caused the illness, but officials are now putting it down to a batch of nacho cheese.

According to a news release by Sacramento County Health and Human Services, an investigation is now underway as several other people have been admitted to hospitals with food-borne botulism. According to Kelly's partner, Ricky Torres, she can not even keep her eyelids open. Lavinia grabbed a bag of Doritos and decided to make them cheesier by pouring some of the gas station's nacho cheese over them.

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As for the Kelly family, they continue to watch over Lavinia as she struggles to function on her own - even with breathing and opening her eyes. "We just don't know how long or how much effort". The Kelly family has filed suit against the gas station for negligence. "It's tough because we know some of the youth who were affected by it, so our hearts are heavy".

Calls made Thursday to Valley Oak Fuel and Food by HuffPost were not returned. They're handling that stuff every day. Employees have no responded to requests for comment. The U.S. saw 161 confirmed cases of botulism in 2014, only 15 of which were food-borne, according to the most recent report on botulism from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Botulism is caused by a nerve toxin produced by bacteria.

The CDC states symptoms of foodborne botulism can begin as soon as six hours after eating the contaminated food and "classic symptoms of botulism poisoning include double vision, blurred vision, drooping eyelids, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth and muscle weakness". Clark stated that "human mistakes" are behind the creation of a flawless environment for the formation of "botulinum toxin".

It's rare for botulism to spread from stores, he notes, as most botulism outbreaks are associated with home canning, like the 2015 outbreak in OH linked to home-canned tomatoes. That's an essential question'.

"They're acquiring astounding medical bills", Clark said.