1 firefighter killed, 2 seriously hurt in San Antonio fire


A firefighter is dead and two others are injured while fighting a fire on the northwest side of San Antonio.

The fire broke out at Ingram Park shopping center just after 9 p.m.

Authorities later learned that one firefighter, Scott Deem, was missing.

The two injured firefighters were transported to area hospitals in unknown conditions, KENS reported.

San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood says because the shopping center had a gym and because of the time of day they conducted a search hand rescue.

Hood said the fire was so intense that parts of the building started collapsing and crews had to go on the defensive.

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One of them was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center in critical condition. Because the situation was becoming too unsafe, Hood said the rest of the firefighters had to evacuate the building, leaving Deem behind.

"We are anticipating both of these firefighters are going to be OK, but we're asking for your prayers", the chief said. "That is not what we do, but we had the risk of losing probably an additional 15 to 20 firefighters if we did not go defensive on this fire".

"[It's a] Very rough decision to leave a firefighter behind, and that's not what we do", Hood said during a media briefing.

"I'd like to ask the citizens of San Antonio to give us your prayers tonight, because we're hurting", said Hood.

Firefighters formed two columns and saluted as an ambulance departed the scene just after midnight Friday morning.