YouTube Live Streaming Drops Subscriber Limit


It's nothing revolutionary or even entirely new, and the competition's been allowing it without restrictions for ages. Later on, the requirement dropped to 1,000 subscribers, but it was still not enough to make a considerable number of YouTubers use the mobile streaming feature.

Why record and edit your thoughts before uploading them for the whole world to see when you can share them as they come to you, on the fly, straight from your smartphone?

The option to live-stream with no subscribers isn't available to everyone right now, but should be rolling out soon.

When YouTube's mobile live streaming feature first launched at last year's VidCon, it was made available only to a select group of top creators. Then, back in April, the platform relaxed the requirement to 1,000 to better cater to anyone who wasn't a major brand or viral vlogger with a massive following.

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YouTube isn't only making its mobile live streams more accessible; it is also giving creators new ways to monetize them.

If you still need to verify your YouTube account, you can begin that process by clicking here.

"We've been experimenting and expanding mobile live streaming for nearly a year now". Following an extensive testing period, YouTube is apparently finally ready to offer the service to everyone, though the company has yet to officially announce its global availability. This means that the feature, which was introduced in early April, is now available to almost all registered users.