WannaCry Ransomware: Apple Users Too Vulnerable To Such Attacks


The Daily Caller News Foundation talked to several tech experts about how to better protect people and institutions from cyber attacks and nefarious hackers.

Mr Biggs said: "It is vital that NHS trusts invest adequately in cyber security as they seek to protect themselves against future attacks".

SHANGHAI-"Hundreds of thousands" of Chinese computers at almost 30,000 institutions including government agencies have been hit by the global ransomware attack, a leading Chinese security-software provider has said, though the Asian impact has otherwise been relatively muted. Shadow Brokers, a group that regularly posts stolen software and hacking tools developed by the USA government, released the tool online last month. Authorities say a hacker, or group of hackers, called "WannaCry" created ransomware using stolen NSA tools. The payment machines at 262 parking garages across the country didn't work due to the attack, which meant that customers couldn't pay for their parking and that Q-Park had to leave the booms open.

They should immediately update their Windows operating system and back up their data.

Ciaran Martin, chief executive of the National Cyber Security Centre, said the outbreak could continue to infect more systems and other victims may emerge.

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But Prime Minister Theresa May has rejected claims the Government ignored warnings the health service was vulnerable, and said the Government was putting £2bn into cyber security.

RBI has asked banks to follow the instructions of government organisation CERT-In to prevent the attack by ransomware, "WannaCry", which has impacted various IT networks in over 150 countries.

In a statement following the second meeting of Holyrood's resilence committee after the largest-ever global cyber attack last Friday, it was confirmed there had been no spike in hacking incidents after organisations returned to work yesterday. "It was clear warnings were given to hospital trusts but this is not something that focused on attacking the NHS here on the United Kingdom".

Microsoft took the unusual step of reissuing security patches first made available in March for Windows XP and other older versions of its operating system. The police also strongly advise against paying the "ransom" to regain access to your computer if you have been affected.