Uber Freight app connects truck drivers with available loads to haul


As announced via an official blog post, Uber is planning to simplify the daily routine of hard-working truck drivers by providing them access to the payload at the touch of a button.

Uber's new freight app acts as a dispatch service for shippers who are looking for a trucker to take on loads. It works in a manner similar to the company's ride-hailing app which matches drivers and riders to ferry them from point A to point B. "The principle behind Digital Freight Matching may be simple, but the trucking industry is not".

"If you think about what Uber's mission is, it's to make transportation as reliable as running water".

If the rates are fair and he can make a good profit on the load, Nevarez said he is willing to give Uber Freight a shot. Uber Freight serves as the broker providing its mobile, cloud-based technology to interested parties.

Uber originally launched as a ride-hailing company but has in recent years diversified its business.

By building an app, Berdinis contends Uber believes it can finally reach into that carrier pool and be welcoming and provide trust to the small fleets, with those fleets bringing the same level or higher service to shippers. Using GPS, the app will also track the load and let shippers know when a loaded driver arrives at the delivery destination.

Uber is in it for the long haul. Drivers and carriers will have the process simplified on a mobile app, with a guarantee they'll be paid within seven days.

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Amid concerns that Uber's self-driving trucks have vanished from the road, the launch of Uber Freight shows it hasn't abandoned its push into trucking wholeheartedly.

Uber is even willing to compensate drivers for unexpected headaches they may run into in the shipping process.

"If I can sustain a profit, I am willing to give Uber [Freight] a try", he said. Otto is a trucking start-up, now owned by Uber, that has been at the center of an intense lawsuit with Alphabet 's Waymo.

"We've been in stealth since late previous year, moving loads in Texas and a few other places", says Eric Berdinis, senior product manager for Uber Freight. The project has some heavyweight talent behind it - including Curtis Chambers, Uber's seventh employee and director of engineering for Uber Freight.

But trucking is a complicated business, Ramorino cautioned.

How many things in this world can we distill down into a single click?