Saudi Arabia says Trump visit to bolster security, trade ties


Officials are eager to highlight the powerful symbolism of an American president choosing to visit the birthplace of Islam as his first stop rather than to neighbors Canada or Mexico.

The two countries have a limited partnership in the field of intelligence, since they both view Iran and its proxies in the region as enemies, but officially, they have no diplomatic relations.

After repeated failures in Syria, the Obama administration in the last few years practically withdrew from direct and active involvement in the Middle East - which opened the door for Russian Federation and Iran to exert their influence and expand their dominance in the region.

Women in Saudi Arabia, including foreign visitors, are typically expected to wear a floor length dress - abaya, and a head scarf.

Trump will deliver a keynote speech.

Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia is the first stop on his maiden worldwide trip since taking office in January.

President Donald Trump isn't the only American traveling to Saudi Arabia this weekend.

Gen McMaster stressed that Mr Trump would be visiting sites associated with the world's great religions, to stress "that we all have to be united and we have to be joined together with an agenda of tolerance and moderation". Saudi Arabia is also considering opening its doors to a Six Flags Theme park.

In recent weeks, the Trump administration has tasked various government agencies to develop a series of announcements Trump will make this weekend.

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The same day, he will meet President Mahmoud Abbas, of the Palestinian territories, on the West Bank "where he will convey his administration's eagerness to facilitate an agreement that ends" the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

"We are in the final stages of a series of deals", the official said.

"If he doesn't, the Saudis will have gotten the better deal", McCants said. It is also where Fox's Baier is confirmed as a speaker.

Trump's speech, which will be delivered to around 50 Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia during his worldwide tour which begins later this month, is reportedly being written by Stephen Miller, who played a key role in the travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries that did not include Saudi Arabia. Instead, the focus will be on securing more multi-billion dollar military deals, advancing economic ties and isolating Iran, according to analysts.

The "response force" would have had a Nato-like command structure, with soldiers paid for by their own countries and the Gulf Cooperation Council made up of wealthy oil economies finance operations and management of the force.

All are members of the USA coalition striking Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria, as well as among the world's top energy producers and biggest military spenders.

"We will judge Iran by its actions, not by its words", he added.

Known for his liking for familiar spaces, he's said to be reluctant to take the trip, telling aides that the schedule is too long.