Russian President Vladimir Putin steals the show with piano recital in Beijing


Putin remarkably stole the show with an impromptu piano performance of two tunes: "Evening Song", by Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi, and "Moscow Windows", by Tikhon Khrennikov.

The Russian leader played a couple of Soviet-era tunes on a piano while waiting to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters at a news conference in China, Putin said that "Microsoft leadership has put it straight" in stating that US intelligence services had created the means for the attack.

"Putin can not play the piano so please stop linking that bloody clip.", commented another. "For the global community, we must be an example of a collective, innovative and constructive future based on justice, equality and respect for national sovereignty, worldwide law and the unwavering principles of the United Nations", Vladimir Putin said.

This isn't the first time Putin has put himself out in public, musically speaking.

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"Thirdly, I think it's right that the decision was taken not for two or three or four months but for nine months, to the middle of next year". "But they made a decision to post it".

"But that's okay. I hope I didn't disappoint you".

Putin, who is now in Beijing for the two-day Belt and Road Forum, said that intelligence services should be wary of creating a software which can be later used for malicious means, Daily Mail reported. Speaking at China's "One Belt, One Road" summit in Beijing, Putin said that Russian Federation had nothing to do with the global cyber attack that affects Microsoft devices.

But he has also displayed his artistic side, singing Fats Domino's "Blueberry Hill" in English at a charity event in 2010.

Vladimir Putin, Russia's leading Renaissance man, has just shown off yet another hidden talent: He's a trained pianist.