Planned Parenthood to close 4 Iowa clinics after funding cut


Backers of the move to completely "defund" Planned Parenthood say tax dollars should not go to any facility where abortions are performed.

The locations served by those four Planned Parenthood clinics represent both sides of the state, and some of its most densely populated communities.

There is no conceivable way that the patients who get their free or subsidized birth control from Planned Parenthood could continue getting the care they need if Planned Parenthood clinics were forced to close or cut back on their contraceptive services.

"These changes are devastating", reads a statement from Planned Parenthood.

"The devastation in Iowa is a sign of what could be next for the rest of the nation", Danielle Wells, an official at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in an email. "Truly their arrogance knows no bounds". "And Planned Parenthood wishes to be able to inform its patients of their options". Many have long opposed the organization, some on religious grounds, because its healthcare services include abortions, although it receives no federal funding for abortions, as stipulated by federal law. "With the closure of four more unsafe webcam abortion locations, we are pleased to see Iowa rapidly returning to a state where women and their unborn children are safe from the shrinking abortion giant", Bowen concluded.

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Iowa's state legislature recently approved a new budget that discontinues the existing Medicaid family planning program and replaces it with a state program that bans funding for abortion providers.

"This is good news for families in the state of Iowa", said Iowans For Life Director Maggie DeWitte about the closings.

The closings will reduce its facilities in the state that provide abortions from eight to five.

Falk is hoping to have a hearing - and a ruling - to temporarily halt those parts of the law before they take effect July 1. "There were no cuts to these programs and the same amount of funding remains available", State Representative Joel Fry (R-Osceola), chair of the Iowa House Human Resources Committee, said.

Earlier this week, Planned Parenthood announced it was closing its only clinic in Wyoming and three of its clinics in New Mexico.