Jason Bateman signs on for 'Arrested Development' return


Jason Bateman has confirmed that he's officially signed on for a fifth season of the comedy.

He plays pivotal character Michael Bluth in the series, struggling to hold his dysfunctional, wealthy family together. Netflix revived it for a fourth season in 2013, which had mixed reviews - the show's structure was changed radically to account for the cast's varied schedules.

Jason Bateman is returning for the upcoming installment of "Arrested Development", AceShowbiz said.

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The actor, best known for playing Michael Bluth on the show, has always been rumoured to return to the series. What did you think of the show's fourth season?

If anything about Arrested Development is true, it's that fans of the critically acclaimed comedy series have been tortured with #FakeNews about the prophesied coming of a fifth season. Season 4 ended with a murder mystery and the arrest of Buster (Hale) following the death of Lucille Two (Liza Minnelli). But now that someone like Jason Bateman has taken to Twitter and said he'll be getting behind the wheel of the Bluth family stair vehicle "this summer", it sounds like it might actually be happening. Fans have been waiting a very, very long time for season 5. Despite the news, there has not been any official confirmation from Netflix or 20 Century Fox Television which is the studio that was behind the previous four seasons of "Arrested Development". For now, just keep your fingers crossed that we'll finally be able to have another season of Arrested Development.

The 2017 SAG Awards saw the reunion of several Bluth family members.