If you have a Twitter account, change these privacy settings now


There are also lists of the various interest categories that Twitter thinks suit you, and categories that third-party advertisers think you're interested in.

The update also includes new rules on sharing data with partners.

First, it is no longer respecting Do Not Track, which allowed web users to opt out of cross-site tracking on websites that honor the setting. Twitter says, "This will allow us to further improve and personalise our services, connecting you with the stories, brands and organic content you care about most".

The new Privacy Policy and data controls will be rolling out in the coming days, according to Twitter.

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I have requested the advertiser list and all of my Twitter related data so once I get those I will add any pertinent information to this gallery. To do so, head to your account page, open Settings and go to Settings and privacy Privacy and safety Personalization and data. On the app, scroll to the bottom of the Personalization and data page in settings and tap See your Twitter data.

Twitter dropping Do Not Track support is ironic because the company was one of its main supporters a few years back when Do Not Track launched. Anyone who truly wants to stop tracking online should be aggressive about it by using ad blockers and extensions such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Privacy Badger. Twitter is able to monitor any website you visit when you're logged in to Twitter and visiting a site with a Twitter button or an embedded tweet. Our guide tells you all you need to know about how Twitter now tracks and uses your personal data - and will help you lock down your privacy settings, if that's what you choose. Previously, Twitter saved that data for 10 days, but will now keep it for 30.

Cookies are also used the other way around: noting your interests based on cookies dropped by the websites you visit, and then using that data to serve personalized ads. You've now successfully tweaked your Twitter preferences to only share the personal data you want with the social network and its advertising partners. Twitter, however, points out that the data will be shared through some select partnership agreements "only when a user gives consent to those partners".