Harden, James top All-NBA team; George, Hayward shut out


Steph Curry, James Harden, and John Wall are among the players likely to sign a DPE this summer.

Last month, we reported that the NBA understood that it was not practical for teams to learn the results of the All-NBA voting until after the 2017 NBA Draft, and so that it would be announced before then.

For Cleveland's LeBron James, there was history.

The Indiana Pacers are unfortunately losing an opportunity to gain an edge in retaining Paul George.

Speaking of James, his nomination will be the 11th of his career, which ties an National Basketball Association record. Westbrook, Leonard and Davis all are first-teamers for the second time.

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Last season with the Pacers, George averaged 23.7 points per game to go along with 6.6 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game. To be eligible for the designation, a player needs to be named to any of the three All-NBA teams or as Defensive Player of the Year in either the season preceding the extension or two of the three prior seasons. The exception allows teams to sign five-year deals worth 35 percent of the salary cap to a player who won individual awards and/or honors. It would be more than $50 million more than other teams could pay him on the open market, and thus serve as enormous leverage for the Pacers if they are actively trying to keep him in IN when he hits free agency in 2018. And, if either George or Hayward - or both - aren't on their teams next season, you can be sure there will be plenty of words written about how the media, either directly or indirectly, pushed them out of town.

About 100 sportscasters and sportswriters from around the globe vote for two guards, two forwards, and one center to each team. He said he's working out with Laker icon Kobe Bryant this summer, as so many other players are. "It's kind of hard to put guys on the first, second, third teams".

We watched a very similar scenario play out just a few years ago when Dwight Howard made what felt like an inevitable move to the Lakers. Just grateful to be a part of the list.

Kimmel started off by showing George the clip of Magic Johnson making it clear that he wanted the Indiana Pacers' franchise player in L.A. He then proceeded to ask George if that made any difference to George, which the Pacers' superstar seemed to shrug off.

All those awards will be announced in NY on June 26, and complete voting results will be released at that time.