Google Lens is the computer-vision photo app of the future


Google fleshed out its artificial intelligence efforts during its annual developers conference this week with the roll out of an initiative called that serves as a clearinghouse for machine learning research, tools and applications created to help automate AI development.

Minor improvements include the ability to physically type inquiries to Google Assistant using your smartphone's keyboard if you're out in a public place and don't want to make a scene by talking to your device; improved language support including the addition of French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Korean; and Google transactions so purchases can be made all from within Assistant, including payment details.

YOUR SEEING EYE DEVICE: Google's new Lens tool is the stuff of science fiction.

SLIMMING DOWN: Google's slimmed-down phone operating system aimed at cheap Android phones is reminiscent of Facebook's own "skinny" version, called Facebook Lite. Siri has come as a built-in service on iPhones since 2011; Google's assistant will require an app download.

It will also consist of specially designed Google apps, like YouTube Go, Chrome and Gboard-to use less memory, storage space and mobile data.

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Google states that application performance should be significantly improved with Android O. Google claims that applications will function twice as fast, citing an example of where a standard workflow benchmark in Google Sheets was completed twice as fast under Android O. But Google foresees a day when phones and tablets will be able to do it themselves.

A video of Qader's story of learning Tensorflow and becoming a self-taught machine learning expert played during Google's conference Wednesday, and he was personally invited to the event. And with the announcement of support for Assistant in iOS, iPhone users will be able to utilize the Google Lens technology as well.

Google is expected to give the crowd a look at new twists in its Android software for mobile devices. Back at the start of 2016, Apple hit the 1 billion active user milestone, so clearly, Android is pretty far ahead of just about everyone.

Android GoGoogle didn't talk about Android One during this keynote, but it doesn't mean it has forgotten about entry-level handsets. The chips are similar to the company's existing TPUs, but are optimized both for training neural networks and allowing neural nets to make inferences about the data they are interpreting. And the Play store will promote a better user experience by highlighting apps that are specifically designed for these devices, Google note.

Background limits. Android O will introduce new limits on background location and Wi-Fi scans, and changes in the way apps run in the background. Samat declined to share any carrier or manufacturing partners Google has with Android Go.