George W. Bush photobombs sports reporter at Rangers game


Bush is clearly living the best post-presidential life, showing up on camera during a broadcast of the Texas Rangers game Wednesday with a cold drink in his hand.

Jones had no idea either, as she continued right through her report outside the dugout like a professional without missing a beat.

So Bush did what any normal person would do - seize the opportunity to be on TV and make a amusing face. The 43rd President of the United States once owned the Texas Rangers, and still frequents games in Arlington.

'Every time I land [after a flight], I feel like my dad becomes another meme, ' Jenna said, while laughing.

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"I actually texted him and I go, 'Dad, photo-bomb somebody?'" Hager said.

In an interview with Time, Jones said she approached Bush following the incident and asked if he had photobombed her.

Bush, who was a managing general partner of the Rangers from 1989-1994 before becoming Texas governor, remains a big fan of the team and can often be spotted at home games.

She also commented on her father's carefree nature lately regarding public appearances.