From U.S. House Floor, Texas Democrat Calls For Trump's Impeachment


"I've said that we need the information, we need to connect the dots, we need the facts in order to do the impeachment".

"That's pretty blatant obstruction of justice".

Despite several controversies, including the firing of FBI Director James Comey, US president Donald Trump's approval rating has remained pretty stable at 40% in the past weeks, according to polling released today by Public Policy Polling (pdf, p.3).

On Dec. 19, 1998, the House of Representatives impeached Clinton on the grounds of perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with an extramarital affair he had with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

At the same time, the Washington Post reported Trump revealed top secret information to Russian Federation during a White House meeting. Comey shared his notes from the conversation with aides, who in turn described the notes to reporters. Mr. Speaker, we are talking about a president who fired the Federal Bureau of Investigation director who was investigating the president for his connections to Russian involvement in the president's election. We have the White House saying that the conversation didn't occur. Plus, President Trump can blame the media and intelligence agencies for impeachment charges, which boosts his anti-establishment status, the bank also said.

For that reason, members of Congress are impatiently waiting for Comey to accept their invitation to testify before them, and give his version of events for the first time. "So from my point of view this is of enormous effect for his presidency".

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The Comey firing came despite him conducting an open-ended counter-intelligence investigation into Russian interference in the USA election, where President Trump was not the subject of the investigation. Every day Donald Trump remains president puts our democracy at risk.

The 25th Amendment, ratified in 1967 in the wake of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, sets out both a plan of succession for the presidency and a complicated and daunting means of removing a president deemed incapacitated.

A move to impeach does not necessarily mean the president will be forced from office.

No president has ever been removed from office in the United States; Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson were impeached and subsequently acquitted, while Richard Nixon resigned before the impeachment process could begin.

Mentions of the "I-word" picked up in the halls of Congress on Wednesday as Democrats' reactions to President Donald Trump's reported interference in the FBI's Russian Federation investigation ranged from impeach now to wait until more facts come out.