Am Tamil for 43 years, says Rajinikanth


"The day we have to fight the war, we will take care of it", said Rajinikanth on the final day of his five-day initiative in Chennai to meet fans from all over Tamil Nadu. The BJP is trying to woo him, but he shouldn't fall (for it).

But Rajinikanth's latest ambivalent statements on the possibility of his political entry has triggered a buzz in various circles, though this is not for the first time.

Rajinikanth later tweeted: "Extremely happy after meeting my fans".

While the actor in his movie Baba (2002), continued to give some hints of a political entry. Anbumani Ramadoss is also a well educated man with good ideas.

The film deals with the lead role's transformation from a carefree atheist to a believer. Anbumani Ramadoss is an able administrator who has toured across the world. The actor however shied away from politics for the reasons best known to him. My ancestors including my father are from Tamil Nadu.

"The current political situation is such that the system does not think about the people". Even party flags had been launched by some fans in the past, but the actor had either remained silent or distanced himself from fans who resorted to such actions.

Many political parties, barring AIADMK, had been wooing him. At a condolence meeting after her death in December last, he rued that he had "hurt" her two decades ago. "So, don't feel disappointed if I don't enter politics", he had told his fans in Chennai.

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He was often dragged into political debates despite stressing that he was "neither an influential political leader nor a social activist". I was a Kannadiga for 23 years of my life, but for the past 44, I have been a Tamizhan.

He praised veteran state politicians. Ramachandran, in particular, was seen as one converting his huge popularity into a springboard for his political launch, which was as successful as his cinema career.

Rajini fans are eagerly waiting to see if their "Thalaivar" (Leader) will do an encore like MGR.

During the event, Rajinikanth today further said, "Both support and oppose is a part of the system".

Panneerselvam faction's leader and a former minister KP Munuswamy said it was natural for Rajinikanth to talk about politics because there was now a vacuum caused by the death of Jayalalithaa and ill health of Karunanidhi.

Former Chief Minister and leader of an AIADMK faction, O. Panneerselvam said Rajinikanth is a good leader and anybody can come into politics but their acceptability has to be decided by the people who are the ultimate judges.