Pokemon Go Adventure Week Event


This means more Omanyte, Aerodactyl, Onix, Sudowoodo and more. Your buddy Pokémon will also be able to find candy faster. Granted, it did say Rock types, which are different from Ground types, but it would be such a waste if we weren't given the chance to get as many Onyx, Rhyhorn, and Geodude at least when we can.

Niantic has today announced another event for us Pokemon Go players who are still striving to be the very best that no one ever was. The entire event is scheduled to run from May 18 at 1 PM PT to May 25 at 1 PM PT. Players will have at least seven days to obtain their favorite rock-type Pokemon.

So it's as good a time as ever to buy the extra item slots from the store. A new item will be available for your avatar called the "Adventurer's Hat", which will be free to all players.

Do you, for instance, want to walk longer distances but acquire as much candy as possible for some of the games rarer Pokemon, such as Chansey (Blissey), Dratini (Dragonite), Larvitar (Tyranitar) and Snorlax?

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This wasn't the work of Niantic answering the pleas of rural Pokemon GO players, however, but rather the after-effects of things taking place in the developer's other location-based AR mobile game Ingress.

Don't worry trainers, you'll get there someday.

I know, you normally wouldn't ignore PokeStops, but take care to plan your route while out walking or biking to ensure you pass larger concentrations of PokeStops than normal.

Are you ready to try sneaking back into Pokemon Go?