New Orleans Removes Statue of Jefferson Davis


Police had cordoned off the 6-foot tall bronze statue of Davis with a chain-link fence to keep protesters out.

However, the hatred associated with the statues is the main reason Chaz said he understands the removal.

Joseph Crespino, the Jimmy Carter Professor of American History at Emory University, said the main difference between New Orleans and Atlanta is one of placement. Some have likened these monuments to other monuments around the world from bygone eras, and have argued that civic resources would be better spent trying to educate the public about the history they embody.

At Lee Circle, there was some yelling between the pro-monument and anti-monument crowds and some icy stares.

1- Everyone should practice tolerance and respect of ALL of New Orleans monuments.

In the case of Davis - as with the dictators before him, and as will be with P.G.T. Beauregard and Robert E. Lee after him - a despicable man was raised up and immortalized in stone.

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"Where's Mitch?" some chanted, calling for NOLA Mayor Mitch Landrieu while opposing the removal and waving Confederate flags. It, too, will come down. Also, the public road through the park that passes by the monument should be renamed, from "Confederate Drive" to just about anything else. Many Georgians never make it to the Capitol grounds or Kennesaw Mountain. The Davis monument is the second of four confederate statue to be removed by the city. It was erected in 1891 to honour the Crescent City White League, which tried to overthrow the biracial post-Civil War government.

The city said it wants to relocate them to a museum or another suitable facility. Landrieu said the monuments will be removed and put into storage until a suitable and permanent home can be found.

Supporters of Confederate-era monuments slated for removal in New Orleans have launched a new court fight to save one of them. Almost every heavy-crane company in southern Louisiana has received threats from opponents.

3- Build new monuments.The MTC has identified numerous locations that would be suitable for new monuments throughout the City.

Last week, an unidentified contractor who was hired by the city told a Fox affiliate that his business had received threats from people across the country after his company dropped off fencing, which was then used to surround the Jefferson Davis monument. The Robert E. Lee statue is in the city's central business district. The massive equestrian statue of Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard is at the entrance to City Park.

Carl Burkhalter, 61 and white, who said he lives not far outside New Orleans and who stood among the Confederate sympathizers Wednesday night, said he had once been ashamed by his nostalgia for the Confederacy but now has embraced it because fighting in the Civil War was a legacy his great-great grandfather left to his family.