Microsoft Azure servers coming to South Africa


Microsoft will open cloud data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town, offering Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 from 2018. In addition to the Horizon DaaS, Horizon Cloud includes the new Horizon Apps, which delivers published SaaS and mobile apps to the workspace. As you expect from any other Microsoft Cloud region, these new regions in Africa will offer enterprise-grade reliability and performance combined with data residency.

Microsoft has announced on Thursday that Microsoft Cloud will be delivered from Africa for the first time. The expansion in Africa will allow Microsoft to get a jump on its larger cloud rival Inc.

"We believe the future of computing is virtual and VMware Horizon Cloud enables us to deploy desktops and applications to new employees significantly faster, and offers greater platform agility", says Kevin Klosiewski, cloud services manager, Hydrite Chemical Company.

"Enterprises all over the world are rapidly looking to the cloud to consume their IT solutions", said Steven Guggenheimer, corporate vice president, developer and platform evangelism, Microsoft Corporation. "By delivering the Microsoft Cloud from within Africa, cloud services ranging from intelligent collaboration to predictive analytics will spur entrepreneurship and innovation, fuel growth for businesses of all sizes, and enable government organisations to better serve the needs of their citizens".

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"This is an example of VMware executing against its cross-cloud strategy and bringing innovation to the desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) category it pioneered in 2009", Dhawan added. "That sense of wanting your data close to home and under control is strong, so I think we will see migration of customers moving their workloads to South Africa".

Investing in African Innovation: This announcement expands on ongoing investments in Africa, where organisations are using now available cloud and mobile services as a platform for innovation in health care, agriculture, education, and entrepreneurship. And it still keeps on growing, gaining 120,000 new customers per month, Microsoft said.

"This development broadens the options available to us in our modernisation journey of Government ICT infrastructure and services". After the openings, Microsoft will have 40 major data centers globally. With Microsoft's Trusted Cloud principles of security, privacy, compliance, transparency, and the broadest set of compliance certifications and attestations in the industry, Microsoft's cloud infrastructure supports over a billion customers and 20 million businesses around the globe. Distributed by APO on behalf of Microsoft.