Man caught on camera punching security guard charged


The video shows De Leon throwing water on Stigler and punching her in the face.

According to Stigler, she told the man that he needed to get up, but he did not for a few minutes. Stigler can be seen in the CCTV video footage bringing a bucket to clean up the mess, asking his friends to move.

The assault, which broke Stigler's nose and fractured her eye socket, was caught on the security cameras outside the condo and now police are looking for the man.

Then he hurriedly rushed away from the location with his friends, who did nothing when he was throwing up, but chose to tag along their racist, thankless friend after he assaulted a woman of color who went out of her way to help them. Stigler said she had worked at the building for around five years, and never had a violent confrontation, as she prides herself on her helpful, respectful approach to her job. "Because a little water got on me". "'Oh my God, he just hit me in my eye.' I'm in a daze, my vision is blurry, the left side of my face hurt".

"Pick on someone your own size", Khan stated.

Stigler said she'd been trying to help the obviously intoxicated De Leon before he hit her.

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"He knew what he did was wrong", Ms Valenti told the media. She appeared unmoved by Valenti's comments that the suspect is sorry but said she would forgive him because it's the Christian thing to do.

The man was inside police headquarters being questioned while Valenti spoke on his behalf to reporters: "He is so remorseful". She says he was under the influence of alcohol.

"You can't be too sorry because you walked away", she said. He wasn't in his right mind. He doesn't have a background. He's an all-around good guy. Military officials have been notified of De Leon's arrest, Fenbert said.

The attack occurred about 2:15 a.m. Sunday outside a residential building in the River North neighborhood, prosecutors said.

Valenti said De Leon would like to apologize to Stigler, but can not approach her during the investigation.

In yet another display of brutality, an African-American female security officer was punched in the face by a white man she was only trying to help.