Experts see possible North Korea links to global cyberattack


Another security company, Symantec, has also found similarities between WannaCry and Lazarus tools, and said its “continuing to investigate for stronger connections.”.

Russian security firm Kaspersky has said portions of the WannaCry programme use the same code as malware previously distributed by the Lazarus Group, a hacker collective behind the 2014 Sony hack.

Simon Choi, a director at South Korean antivirus software company Hauri, who has analysed North Korean malware since 2008 and advises the government, said the North is no newcomer to the world of bitcoins.

A group with ties to North Korea is thought to be responsible for a series of attacks on financial institutions.

Eric Chien, an investigator at Symantec, told the New York Times: "At this time, all we have is a temporal link".

"We are open to investigate in all directions, but we don't speculate and we can not confirm this. It could come from everywhere, it could come from any country".

Gostev said that the group of North Korean hackers known as Lazarus had robbed banks through SWIFT payment system and hacked Sony Pictures in the past.

South Korea was mostly spared from the latest ransomware attack, partly because constant threats from the North have made the government and companies careful about always updating their software.

The European Union's police agency, Europol, says it still needs to be proven that there was a link between North Korea and a recent cyberattack that locked computers in more than 150 countries. However, this overlapping code was later removed from the latest version, giving way to the possibility that the code was just a trick to trap researchers into believing that Lazarus is to be blamed notes CNET. "More info to come".

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But while there were thousands of additional infections there, the expected second-wave outbreak largely failed to materialize, in part because security researchers had already defanged it.

"Ransomware is still not a cyber crime that is recognized under the Information Technology Act 2000 and it does not get fully covered by provision of the Indian Penal Code".

"This was not a tool developed by the NSA to hold ransom data", he said, noting that no United States government systems had been hit.

"Hundreds of ATMs being shut down in India is recognition of the fact that the ransomware attack which is happening globally is increasingly also looking at India".

Russian President Vladimir Putin also held USA special services accountable for WannaCry virus attacks.

"A genie let out of a bottle of this kind, especially created by secret services, can then cause damage to its authors and creators", the Russian leader said on the sidelines of a summit in Beijing.

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Over the weekend, Microsoft's president and chief legal officer Brad Smith said attacks highlighted the dangers from the NSA's "stockpiling" of secret hacking tools.