New Orleans Removes Confederate President Jefferson Davis Statue


Masked crews, using a massive crane and trucks removed a controversial statue of former confederate President Jefferson Davis. Police on horseback stood sentry nearby, in the event of demonstrations. The demonstration attracted more than 700 people, including counter-protesters who carried Confederate flags.

History, unfortunately, has seen great nations become lost, isolated and ultimately extinct by refusing to confront the sins of the past and evolve to meet the demands of a changing world.

"It will not improve the socioeconomic balance of the city", she said.

Troy Banks, a 53-year-old black man who shared a bench with her was equally dubious and critical of protesters on both sides of the issue.

"We can remember these divisive chapters in our history in a museum or other facility where they can be put in context - and that's where these statues belong". "That would be lovely", he said.

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The city removed the Battle of Liberty Place monument three weeks ago, which was erected by a white supremacist group to commemorate a deadly insurrection against New Orleans' racially integrated police department and government in 1874. "The truth was that these monuments were put up purposefully to send a message and to be a sanitized version of the Confederacy", Landrieu says.

The Monument Task Committee, a group created to keep the Confederate monuments in their place around New Orleans, blasted Landrieu, noted the New Orleans Times-Picayune. The slayings re-charged the debate over whether Confederate emblems represent racism or an honorable heritage. Much of the fury and the verbal challenges came from the monument defenders, who appeared to be outnumbered by the second-line participants by at least two to one. But to some it was the most objectionable. An inscription extolling white supremacy was added in 1932.

It had been tied up in legal battles over efforts to remove it since at least the 1980s.

Meanwhile, across the streetcar tracks that run through the "neutral ground" on Canal Street, roughly 60 anti-monument supporters hung out, drinking from cans of beer and hitting tambourines against their thighs or tapping out rhythms on makeshift drums.

Jefferson Davis served as the first and only President of the Confederate States of America, though his legacy as rebel leader does not exactly shine in the historical record. A grainy photo of Davis's empty pedestal is stunning: where a figure embodying a murderous ideology once stood, there is now empty space, green trees, and a dark blue sky. In Burkhalter's view, the Civil War was about the economy, and had the South won, life for everyone - black and white - would have improved. The lawsuit, filed by Richard Marksbury in Orleans Parish Civil District Court, says the city can not legally take down the statue of because it does not own the memorial or the land it's on.