Kangaroo attacks girl, 9, at Harmony Park Safari in Alabama


A nine-year-old girl is recovering after being bitten on the head by a kangaroo while visiting Harmony Park Safari in Madison County, AL.

The incident happened Saturday and was caught on camera.

Our NBC affiliate, WAFF reports that this wasn't the first time the family has visited Harmony Park Safari in Huntsville, Ala., but it was their first time seeing the kangaroos.

White said she was speaking out not to keep other families from visiting the zoo, where her own family had so many good times, but to warn of the potential danger in getting too close to the animals. "I'm just glad I was there", the mother said.

Staffers say they hope the little girl is OK. "It was really cute because she would walk one way and it would follow her", Jennifer White said.

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The younger of the two girls, a three year old, reaches through the fence which agitates the kangaroo. Cheyenne ended up with 14 stitches in her head.

"I don't want it to happen to someone else's kid, because they may not be as fortunate as my daughter was", White said, voice trembling with tears. WAFF was told by a Harmony Park Safari employee that the owners do not want to comment.

There is a sign that reads "I bite", on a plaque outside the fence. The kangaroo trail has multiple warning signs posted at its entrance.

The video shows the animal grab Cheyenne by the hair as she's bent over and bites her on the ear.